Raw Coconut Cream 70g


SAR 124,00
كمية قليلة
المقاس: 70G
خدمة التوصيل خلال
5-9 أيام عمل
RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream is the ultimate multitasking beauty essential which nourishes; cleanses; moisturises and protects all skin types.Formulated with 100% pure; certified organic; raw; unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil which is untouched by heat or chemical treatment and left in its raw state; Raw Coconut Cream contains the original living enzymes and nutrients found in Coconut Oil to nourish the skin and eyelashes. Renowned for its antimicrobial; antifungal and antibacterial properties; Raw Coconut Cream helps to remove dirt; makeup and bacteria from the skin and prevents free radical damage with natural antioxidant protection.Great for all skin types; even sensitive and acne prone complexions; Raw Coconut Cream stalls premature ageing and is great for softening hard skin on the knees and elbows. Raw Coconut Cream effortlessly removes all traces of makeup including waterproof mascara and can also be used under the arms as a natural alternative to deodorant.A Beauty Bay essential; Raw Coconut Cream is like no other beauty product and leaves the skin beautifully nourished; hydrated; protected and healthy with an added youthful radiance.Did you know?  Raw Coconut Cream is Vegan friendly; certified organic and free from all other ingredients except Virgin Coconut Oil in its purest form.
Virgin Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil.

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