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ZOEVA Vegan Prime Brush Set is a 10 piece collection of musthave Vegan friendly brushes.Your secret weapon for creating the hottest makeup looks with ease and precision; Vegan Prime Brush Set contains the softest; Vegan friendly brushes to deliver exceptional professional results. From exquisite foundation; concealer and blusher brushes to super soft blending; smudging and shading eye shadow brushes; Vegan Prime Brush Set is the ultimate collection for any beauty addict.Packaged in a large clutch bag; each brush is expertly handcrafted using the finest Vegan friendly Synthetic bristles which pick up the perfect amount of makeup for flawless application and seamless blending.Tip: To maintain exceptional beautifying results we recommend cleaning your ZOEVA brushes regularly with a brush cleanser.Collection Contains: Buffer Brush A professional flat headed foundation brush. Extraordinarily dense; Buffer Brush is the perfect everyday tool for creating gorgeous foundation results. Ideal for all over application and blending of foundation; powder and mineral makeup; Buffer Brush features soft; Vegan friendly Taklon bristles which pick up perfectly any kind of cream and loose powder  makeup without absorbing the product. Powder Brush A super soft; Vegan friendly makeup tool for flawless powder application. Designed to achieve silky smooth application of loose and pressed powder makeup; Powder Brush is your ultimate choice for daily makeup tender loving care. Beautifully shaped to apply loose and pressed powder with ease and precision; Powder Brush features hand crafted Taklon bristles which feel like velvet on the skin. Face Shape Brush A compact face brush for precise and detailed contouring. Achieve professional beautification with this professional contouring brush. With a rounded shape and compact design; Face Shape Brush is a makeup artists darling for creating a special WOW effect and allure on the facial contours. Smooth; Vegan friendly Taklon bristles work harmoniously with cream; liquid or powder makeup and offer effortless application for a flawless finish. Cream Cheek Brush An exquisite angled brush designed to apply cream and powder blusher. Super soft and expertly crafted with Vegan friendly Taklon bristles; Cream Cheek Brush offers a featherlike touch to the skin and sweeps cheek colour seamlessly onto the skin. The professional angled shape fits perfectly into the contours of the cheeks and achieves a flawless finish. Concealer and Buffer Brush An innovative makeup tool which flawlessly applies and blends concealer and correction makeup. Beautifully soft and caring for the delicate eye area; Concealer and Buffer Brush offers great coverage to conceal dark circles and discolouration around the eyes with cream; liquid or powder concealers. The roundly bound; Vegan Taklon bristles fit perfectly around the eyes and into every small corner of the face for effortless application. Perfect for hiding redness and dark circles; Concealer and Buffer Brush allows you to achieve a flawless and natural makeup finish. Petit Eye Blender Brush A compact eye shadow brush which helps to accentuate the eyes with perfectly blended eye colour. The ultimate tool for creating perfectly framed eyes; Petit Eye Blender Brush is perfect for blending eye shadow in the crease of the eye. Beautifully handcrafted and densely bound with Vegan friendly Taklon bristles; Petit Eye Blender Brush is loved by professional makeup artists for use with cream eye shadows. Offering excellent resistance; Petit Eye Blender Brush blends eye shadow to a seamless finish. Smudger Brush The ultimate beauty tool for creating iconic smoky eyes. Perfect for use with eye shadow powders and kohl eyeliner; Smudger Brush applies; shades and blends eye colour along the lash line. The professional; short Vegan Synthetic bristles provide maximum cover control and is an absolute must for truly professional looking seductive cat eyes and smoky effects. Vegan Soft Definer Brush An exceptional beauty tool for seamless blending of eye shadow. A Vegan friendly version of the highly acclaimed Soft Definer Brush; Vegan Soft Definer Brush features soft Taklon bristles and a flat oval shaped head which promotes smoother transition between eye shadow colours. The perfect brush for creating soft; seductive and feminine looks; Vegan Soft Definer Brush is perfect for pressed powder and loose pigment eye shadows. Contour Shader Brush A Vegan friendly angled eye shadow brush for seamless contouring effects. Perfectly suited to the natural contour of the eye; Contour Shader Brush works harmoniously with all types of eye shadow to apply and blend eye colour seamlessly. Soft Taklon bristles and the slightly angled shape of the brush guarantee an easy and convenient application of eye shadow to boost the natural beauty of your eyes. Wing Liner Brush A broad; angled eyeliner brush which is perfect for creating professional winged eyeliner looks. Beautifully handcrafted with fine Vegan friendly Nylon bristles; Wing Liner Brush is the ultimate tool for achieving expressive statement lid lines. Featuring an exquisite angled head which easily adapts to your natural lash line; Wing Liner Brush offers easy and flawless application of your favourite gel; cream; liquid and powder eyeliners.
Buffer Brush: Taklon Fibres. Powder Brush: Taklon Fibres. Face Shape Brush: Taklon Fibres. Cream Cheek Brush: Taklon Fibres. Concealer and Buffer Brush: Taklon Fibres. Petit Eye Blender Brush: Taklon Fibres. Smudger Brush: Synthetic Fibres. Vegan Soft Definer Brush: Taklon Fibres. Contour Shader Brush: Taklon Fibres. Wing Liner Brush: Nylon.

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