Classic Eyelash Curler


SAR 117,00
المقاس: ONE SIZE
خدمة التوصيل خلال
5-9 أيام عمل
Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler is a bestselling eyelash curler designed to create an enduring curl.Experience the perfect merging of form and function; Classic Eyelash Curler creates the most expressive eyes and is one of the finest metal eyelash curlers available. Featuring extra sturdy construction and a smooth opening and closing action; Classic Eyelash Curler has a round; thick Silicone lash pad to form an intense curl without creasing or damaging lashes.Classic Eyelash Curler leaves lashes looking dramatically curled for a flirtatious flutter.Tip: For optimum performance; hygiene and to prevent eye infections make sure to replace pads after 3 months and the curler every 12 months.
Press the loops of curler thoroughly Open your eyes and bring the curler close Insert eyelashes and centre them With the curler at the baseline of the lashes squeeze the handles together gently yet firmly Hold for several seconds before opening the curler thoroughly to release lashes Repeat if necessary Do not use after mascara application Wipe clean after use

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