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A powder makeup reformulation liquid. Designed to save your smashed powder makeup products; the Makeup Resurrector allows you to restore and reform broken makeup back to a perfect condition. With an innovative formula; the liquid salvages broken powder makeup products; giving a new lease of life to shattered face powders; eyeshadows; blushers; bronzers. and highlighters. A makeup hero! Vegan Cruelty free Does not affect product performance No harmful residue transferred to skin Sanitises product; eliminating 99.9% of germs
Put three drops of ISOCLEAN Resurrector Solution into the bottom of the Resurrector pouch. Ensure it sits in the black tip as this primes the pouch and will prevent the powder from clogging. Place the broken powder remnants in the Resurrector pouch. Crumble the powder until it has a finely milled consistency. Add the Resurrector solution a few drops at a time until the powder is saturated. Blend with fingers until smooth. Add more solution and blend until the mixture becomes liquid. Ensure all the powder is dissolved and the mixture has a smooth consistency like pancake batter (This consistency is key to ensuring the mixture sets). Cut the tip of the pouch and squeeze the contents back into the original container. Allow to dry. Store; open; in a dry place for 12 hours until reset. Ingredients: Propan2Ultra Pure.
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