Natural Lashes Demi Pixies


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خدمة التوصيل خلال
5-9 أيام عمل
Elegant false lashes with a spiky design.Complete with an invisible band that connects the lash strands to form a strip; Natural Lashes Demi Pixies are knotted and feathered by hand for perfect uniformity and a natural look. Made of premium quality 100% human hair; these lashes provide just the right length and offer easy application to create a glamorous look in minutes. Lash glue not included sold separately
First clean your eye area with gentle cleaner or oilfree makeup remove. Peel your Natural lashes off the package with tweezers and trim the band to fit the width of your eye if necessary. Next; use the wide end of a flat toothpick and squeeze a small drop of glue onto the tip. Then; take the strip of false eyelashes and glide the glue from one end to the other. Using a pair of tweezers; gently place the false lashes; starting at the outer corner; to just above your lashline and press down across the length of the strip to secure the lashes. Use a cotton swab; wipe off the excess glue.

100% sterilised human hair.

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